When Our People Succeed, Our Company Thrives

Our BL Legacy credo is that by helping our team members succeed, we ensure our firm’s success. When we invite people to join our crew, we’re making a pledge to support them as they pursue their chosen career goals and work to become their best selves. From rising into a leadership position to thinking like a business owner and one day running an office of their own, we train our people to win.

Our advanced BL Legacy learning system, which we refer to as the Young Entrepreneur Program, puts associates in control of how far they go, and how fast they do it. They rotate through the different areas of our operations, seeing firsthand how the different departments contribute to the overall goals of our company. This exposure also provides access to team leaders and managers who are eager to share what they know with ambitious up and comers.

Then, as team members master the skills required for success in each role, they earn the right to advance. When it comes to promotions, we are only concerned with results – this makes us a level playing field, where anyone can succeed.

By removing as many barriers as possible to individual achievement, and then supporting our people in their personal and professional growth, we have created incredible momentum for our company. Find out more about our strategies for success by following BL Legacy on Twitter.