What a Promotable Mind-Set Looks Like to a Manager

Getting a promotion isn’t always about having killer skills. According to hiring managers, there’s a specific mind-set that individuals on the rise possess, which gives them a distinct edge when it comes to advancing to the next level. Within our BL Legacy culture, from day one, our people are learning how to not only do the work of a leader, but think like one, too.

According to Eileen, BL Legacy’s President, there are certain qualities that those associates destined to succeed will display along with their campaign prowess. She suggested these traits are among those she and other managers look for when it’s time to advance people:

• Goal Setting and Attainment: Measurable results mean attaching metrics to our work and having a plan to achieve our objectives. People on €cusp of promotions should be able to point to not only what goals they’ve accomplished, but the paths they took to get there.

• Growth-Oriented Mind-Set: Eileen believes that once someone reaches a new level, they need to set their eyes to the one above that. This means we should always be willing to listen, learn, and improve on our success.

• Flexibility: Even the most thought-out plans can take detours. True leaders know that agility is as important as goal setting, and can quickly adapt to whatever comes down the pike. The most talented individuals thrive on facing obstacles because they often present an opportunity for something even better.

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