Ways We Build Our World-Class Networks

Of the many executive skills we teach our team members to master, networking is one of the most vital. We know that building solid connections with peers, mentors, and other businesses in our area makes BL Legacy a stronger company.

Whether you’re well-established in your career and satisfied with your position or just starting out and hungry for advancement, knowing how to network will help you in your work as well. Here are some of the strategies we suggest for building a thriving contact list:

• Mingle With Coworkers: Our BL Legacy team nights give us chances to get away from the office and connect with our team members in a relaxed setting. We get to make friends with associates from different departments and projects, adding to the company’s inviting culture and setting ourselves up for future teamwork.

• Give Back: When we get involved in our community, we meet with like-minded women and men in our area that are as concerned with social justice as we are. These make great contacts that often lead to business opportunities.

• Conferences: We invest in travel to get around other rising stars in our field, attending events where we can share best practices and learn from the best of the best. We always return from these trips with innovative ideas and increased motivation.

Our networks are one of the best tools we have for career success. Follow BL Legacy on Instagram to see what other tips we share with our team.