Tips to Take Advantage of Networking Opportunities

Training plays an important role in the success of Team BL Legacy. We provide access to all the competencies and knowledge an individual needs to thrive in our industry. This includes knowing how to build a professional network. In fact, not only do we teach the aptitudes required for contacting, but we also travel to many conferences and workshops as an organization to increase our success rates in connecting with other business leaders.

These are just a few of the BL Legacy tips and strategies we share with our associates before taking them to networking events:

• Be the Person You’d Like to Meet: Like attracts like, as the saying goes, so consider the type of person you’d appreciate adding to your network and strive to embrace those qualities.

• Look for Ways to Give: The best way to be memorable in a crowd of professionals is to be generous. As we meet others, we listen to what they have to say and consider ways in which we can be of service.

• Make Introductions: When we’re talking to someone for the first time, we think about who else we know who could add value to their lives. If they’re nearby, we make that introduction happen immediately.

• Put in the Work: Even with all the advantages we offer our people when it comes to making connections, the work is still theirs to do. This is actually a good thing. Through the process of building our networks, we become more confident in ourselves and our abilities.

We teach our people to network because we want to see everyone on our team win. Like BL Legacy on Facebook to see how else we encourage success.