We’ve learned a lot about how to evaluate potential hires through BL Legacy continuing growth. Along with identifying candidates with the right mix of skills and experience, we also use the following strategies to find the right additions to our team.

The first thing we remind ourselves to do is to focus on the candidate. In other words, we ask questions that are catered to each individual’s experiences. We want to make sure we fully understand the resumes of all candidates who make it to the interview process. By asking focused questions, we learn key details that might not show up on the surface.

Making each interview a true two-way conversation also helps us hone in on the right candidates. We aim for a give-and-take every time we meet with a potential addition to Team BL Legacy. By allowing plenty of time for the candidate to ask questions, we make each interview feel like an authentic conversation.

We also do our best to make every interviewee as comfortable as possible. This means explaining the structure of our meeting from the beginning so that the person knows what to expect. Asking a few questions that aren’t job related (but that aren’t too probing, either) also has a way of easing nervousness.

These strategies help us identify the best candidates to join our team. Find more of our best interviewing techniques by following BL Legacy on Instagram.