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BL Legacy raises the bar. As a leader in live promotions, our reputation has grown because of our integrity, excellence, innovation, and passion. We give brands a competitive edge.

At the core of all we do is our need to create impact. From our unique advertising methods to our empowering culture, we create opportunities for ongoing growth and success. Our cutting-edge solutions benefit our people and the companies we represent alike.

Our team collaboration turns great ideas into outstanding, innovative results

Eileen H


Eileen was born and raised in a small town near Scranton, PA. She acquired her Bachelor’s degree in Political Science and Secondary Education. Although it was fun, the education route just didn’t provide the growth that Eileen wanted. Running a marketing company presents its challenges, Eileen is constantly pushed out of her comfort zone. She’s been able to turn so many dreams into reality because of her constant growth and success. Her family is the reason Eileen strives for greatness every single day. She states, “It’s incredibly rewarding and I’m in love with helping other people achieve success, that’s definitely the best part.”

Fun fact: I’m a huge Dave Matthews Band fan and a huge music fanatic!

Brandon S.

Brandon attended college at Suny Buffalo Sate. He majored in Business Administration and Marketing Management. BL Legacy has given him the knowledge and opportunity to lead a team and learn how to operate a successful business. BL Legacy’s culture and open door policy makes him believe there is always someone in your corner rooting for you to get better. Brandon’s favorite hobby is watching sports with family and friends. His team is the New York Giants!

Julio R.

Julio is a top leader for BL Legacy. The culture of the team leads to growth opportunity and financial freedom. His short-term goal is to be promoted to Assistant Manager. Julio has a long-term goal of managing multiple offices and being a positive example to his family. He enjoys being able to help others reach their goals. During his free time Julio likes to spend time with his beautiful daughter and maintain a healthy, fit lifestyle.

Leyliawattie S.

Leyliawattie attended Raritan Valley Community College where she studied Communication. Working at BL Legacy has given her the ability to grow and develop a successful leadership style. She has achieved self development and leadership goals within her role. Being surrounded by people with the same mindset helps Leyliawattie work harder. Her short-term goal is to build a team of hardworking, dedicated team members. She wants to help other people achieve greatness. Leyliawattie’s long-term goal is to make an impact in the business and network with key players. In Leyliawattie’s free time she enjoys painting and going on adventures.

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