Suggestions for Acing Your Next Interview

The BL Legacy learning program is designed to provide people with the hands-on experience and resources they need for serious professional growth. We skip past ordinary training methods and instead immerse our associates in our operations from day one. In no time, team members master our business model, create impressive campaign content, lead teams, and more.

Before getting involved in our success-building system though, candidates need to make a positive impression during the interview. Here are a few BL Legacy tips to consider to ace your meeting:

• Show Up Early Enough to Feel at Ease: We recommend getting to the interview site about 10 to 15 minutes early. This is enough time to take a few breaths, hang up a jacket, even review notes or a resume.

• Have a Thoughtful Answer Prepared for the “Tell Me About Yourself” Question: Interviewers pose queries that encourage applicants to share what they consider to be important information about themselves. We recommend tailoring answers to the role for which a person is applying.

• Give Examples to Support Answers: Instead of simply saying what a person would do in a given situation, we want to know what action steps they would take. We’re even more impressed when someone can tell us what they’ve already done in a similar situation.

Before reaping the benefits of being on our team, it’s necessary to ace our interview. Learn more interviewing tips by following BL Legacy on Twitter.