PRESS RELEASE: BL Legacy Team Members Make an Impression at Dallas Event

ESSEX COUNTY, NJ – Eileen, President of BL Legacy, recently rewarded some of the hardest-working associates with a trip to Dallas, Texas, where they attended a national leadership conference. John, Alexandra, and Edward made the journey.

Eileen is proud to run a company that invests so heavily in its team’s development. When people like Alexandra, John, and Edward embody the values, commitment, and leadership she looks for at BL Legacy, Eileen shows her appreciation by giving them even more chances to learn and grow.

Tips on training and goal setting were the main topics of the talks given, with industry frontrunners from across the U.S. discussing their areas of expertise. These speeches were full of next-level leadership thinking that comes from experience, and really opened the team’s eyes to new ways of doing things back home.

Networking played a major role in the Dallas trip as well. The BL Legacy associates connected with high achievers form across the nation, building the social support structures that encourage success. Best practices were also shared, so that everyone would be in the know when it came to the most innovative customer acquisition techniques.

This was also a recognition event as well, so top goal achievers were honored at a prestigious ceremony. Seeing how much success is possible motivated Edward, John, Alexandra, and even Eileen to set bigger goals when they returned.

BL Legacy Networking Strategies

Before heading to a national-level event, Team BL Legacy sharpens their networking skills, reviewing the basics that lead to contacting success. For example, one of the most important tips is that building a network is about giving first, and receiving second. Eileen reminds herself and her team members to look for ways to be of service to the people she’s speaking with – even if it’s as simple as giving them her full attention. When contacts feel valued, they will look for ways to share their value with you.

It’s a little detail, but it makes a difference: have business cards on hand and easily accessible. Networkers should make it as easy as possible for their new contacts to remember them, and having a business card at the ready shows forethought and organization – both good reasons to be remembered.

While having business cards handy is a good practice, it’s more important to focus on connecting with others and remember the person, not just collect a card. Networks are composed of relationships, and these take time to build. The first impression is not something to be rushed through.

Eileen, Alexandra, John, and Edward represented BL Legacy well in Dallas, and brought home great memories along with vital information. They are already looking forward to their next trip.

About BL Legacy:
BL Legacy is recognized in the customer acquisition industry for their innovation and personable approach. By creating memorable one-on-one campaigns, they connect with customers on a deeper level than is possible through online or conventional advertising methods. Their team-driven culture ensures that each associate has the training and support to form strong bonds on behalf of their corporate partners and drive lasting results. At the heart of BL Legacy’s success is a true passion for people, which is visible in how they interact with customers, how associates are given room to grow, and how they give back to the community. Learn more at