Personal Guidance and Mentorship Help Our People Soar

One of the pillars of our BL Legacy training program is one-to-one coaching. While working with individuals and teaching them the ins and outs of our industry, we also get to learn about them, their goals, and how we can best help team members to hit their career targets.

This personal approach communicates our investment in the people who join our team. New hires feel supported from day one, because they have a go-to person to help them navigate our organization and industry. Any questions, concerns, or ideas are welcomed and acted upon.

Being mentored also accelerates progress. Learning styles are acknowledged and respected by our coaches, who can tailor the information they’re sharing in a way that celebrates the diversity of Team BL Legacy. By having skills and knowledge presented in the most relevant way, quick career advances can be made by our most novice executives.

Linking our new people up with guides from day one also underscores the importance of teamwork. When we collaborate, we produce results far greater than any of us could achieve alone, and assigned coaches immediately get team members thinking in terms of “we,” not just “I.”

These are just a few of the reasons our one-to-one approach to training is so effective. Learn more about the other ways that mentorship impacts our company’s success by following BL Legacy on Instagram.