Our Success Depends on Our Commitment to Learning

One of the foundational reasons Team BL Legacy is so successful is our commitment to continual learning. We have a strong training team to help our people succeed at each stage of their career journey, because we know that when our people thrive, so does our firm.

Working with people who look forward to developing themselves and their skills is so important because it’s proof of what’s known as a growth mind-set. This refers to those of us who believe that intelligence and potential are flexible measurements and can be increased through study and effort. Those with this soft skill are perfect for the BL Legacy team and culture, because they are optimistic about the future and their chances of achieving their dreams.

By contrast, those with a fixed mind-set are less inclined to believe that they can improve themselves and their skills beyond a certain point. While it’s possible to teach these types of thinkers to embrace a more open-minded approach to achievement, we find it easier and more effective to work with those who are already eager to improve. Their minds are like fertile soil, and when the training we provide takes root, these men and women blossom.

By recruiting those with a growth mind-set and immersing them in our learning program, we help our team members achieve their full potential. Like BL Legacy on Facebook to find out more about our commitment to training.