Make the Most of Networking Opportunities

We offer our associates travel opportunities throughout the year, as rewards for embracing the BL Legacy mission and as chances to learn from accomplished professionals in our industry. Sometimes these are small trips for cross-training, and other times we attend weekend conferences with hundreds of our peers from across the world.

No matter where we’re heading though, these are the BL Legacy tips we share for making lasting connections with those we meet and from whom we learn:

  • Know What We’re About: In 30 seconds or less, we should be able to say who we are, what we’re trying to accomplish, and what value we can provide the person with whom we’re speaking. We may not always be called on to deliver this concise statement, but before traveling we make sure we have it prepared. This exercise ensures that we’ll be more focused and make a positive impression on those we meet.
  • Set Ourselves Apart: To be memorable is to be a bit different than those around us. We make sure we stand out in the memories of the people we meet by developing authentic styles and with skills like active listening.
  • Maintain Professionalism: Being away from home does not mean we can act less professionally. In fact, we consider ourselves to be professionals when we leave the office, and make sure to present the best versions of ourselves at all times.

One of the biggest benefits of travel is that we get the chance to connect with interesting and helpful professionals. For more of our tips on making the most of these networking opportunities, friend BL Legacy on Facebook.