Let’s ACT: Ambition Creates Tenacity

Without doubt, we’re on a mission within our BL Legacy office to get results for our national service partners and give more customers access to their state-of-the-art fiber optics, telecom and Internet technologies. However, we also know that real success does not happen overnight. That’s why we have learned to ACT: Ambition Creates Tenacity.

Eileen, our BL Legacy President, reminds us daily that it’s important to be persistent as we strive to reach our aggressive goals. As she notes, the world’s highest achievers exceled not because it came easy for them, but because they faced challenges and overcame them, often realizing something even better than they intended.

What these winners all had in common was a strong ambition to accomplish what they set out to do. And that’s what we focus on in our BL Legacy culture. When we’re hungry to succeed, we find the motivation to keep moving forward, no matter the obstacles we face. This is tenacity.

Staying motivated for the long haul when it comes to achieving lofty goals takes some effort. Within our team, we fuel our drive with frequent celebrations. We don’t wait until the final victory to take stock in how far we’ve come. Instead, we recognize milestones so that we continue to build momentum.

In the end, our persistence pays off as we score wins for our team and our partners. Follow us on Twitter to see how we ACT.