Crucial Pieces of Our Comprehensive Development Program

The BL Legacy approach to talent is at the heart of our company’s success. We’ve created a training system that ensures people have access to all the knowledge and skills an ambitious professional needs to succeed in our industry.

From day one, novice team members are given a coach who provides one-on-one support and guidance. This sets our people up to taste victory at every stage of their BL Legacy careers. They learn how to focus on their strengths while overcoming or even sidestepping challenges our seasoned veterans have faced while focusing on their strengths. By quickly pairing new hires with experienced partners we also reinforce the value and power of teamwork.

We know many people learn by doing, so hands-on lessons cement many techniques into the minds of our team. Workshops and seminars provide practical learning experiences that prepare associates for running their own campaigns with skills like public speaking and networking.

Travel supplements our in-house knowledge by getting us around the best and brightest in customer acquisitions during conferences and retreats. We stay on the cutting edge in our field because we listen to those who have achieved remarkable success, and then implement their lessons in our own careers.

Our training system is second to none and has helped our associates achieve whatever career goals they’ve decided to pursue. Find out more by liking BL Legacy on Facebook.