Cheers for Leyliawattie and Julio!

Around BL Legacy, we support our team members’ growth, which makes it all the more exciting when one or more of them personify the leadership skills we impart in our training and culture. This month Leyliawattie Sewaram and Julio Rivas share the spotlight for being standouts in a company filled with superstars.

Eileen, BL Legacy’s President, is the first to cheer on these two top-notch associates. Leyliawattie is the newest leader on the team and emphatically described as young, excited, and determined. “Her drive to do her best every single day is motivating to myself and to everyone else on the team,” said Eileen. “I can’t wait to see her excel in the program and in her life!”

“Julio Rivas is another individual that stands out,” according to Eileen. “He is extremely systematic in his approach to leadership and making what we do simple. Julio is very consistent in his work and he will thrive within BL Legacy.”

So how do we create these amazing leaders? It starts with having the right tools and resources with which they can effectively learn our customer acquisition methods and put them into practice in the field on behalf of our partners. Not only do we train our people, but we guide them through one-on-one coaching that ensures they have both the knowledge and approach necessary to excel.

But it’s more than just learning how to execute effective outreach that gives us an edge. We empower everyone here so that they know their contributions are valued. Appreciation goes a long way when it comes to building a powerful team.

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