BL Legacy: Nonstop Learning and Career Success

What’s your version of the American Dream?

Join BL Legacy and we’ll help you put your ambitions to work so you can see your vision materialize. Our learning program is designed to provide you with the hands-on experience and resources you need for serious professional growth. We skip past ordinary training methods and instead involve you in an immersive process starting day one. In no time you’ll become a master in presentations, creating impressive campaign content, leading teams, and more.

Every person in BL Legacy started at the entry level, including our President. By being open to learning and determined to succeed, our people are on a fast track to unstoppable career growth. Everyone has the same opportunities to develop their talents. Because we promote from within, those with a positive attitude and the mind-set of an entrepreneur can reach impressive heights.
In our Young Entrepreneurs Program, associates:

• Develop their leadership acumen

• Master business skills

• Receive personalized feedback and guidance

• Are promoted based on merit

Culture That
Fosters Growth

We believe what we put into our people returns to us as success for our firm. Our knowledge transfer philosophy is central to BL Legacy’s culture because it’s the only way we all advance together.

By focusing on values such as comradery, ongoing learning, student mentality, and hard work led by example, we lay out what it takes for each person to thrive. As individuals and as a group, we train, build our skills, and strive to reach our unlimited potential.

Building Our
Professional Profiles

Our BL Legacy professional development program isn’t limited to in-house training. We believe that to excel in our industry, we need to see the bigger picture from those who know best. Through networking, travel, and even philanthropy, we’re positioning ourselves for ongoing growth.

• Conferences and Industry Events: What’s more inspiring than
to learn from people who have reached their own pinnacles of success and continue to grow? At corporate functions and industry events, our BL Legacy associates connect with others who have achieved great things and become respected leaders.

• Charitable Giving: As a team, we volunteer for community
causes, which not only raises BL Legacy’s profile in our region, but demonstrates our collective heart for doing good.

Fast-Track Your Career
Ambitions With BL Legacy

BL Legacy is home to a diverse group of people who share a vision for achieving professional excellence. We make it happen through a culture centered on learning, growth, and leadership. Anyone with the yearning to achieve and a positive spirit to match can find a place in our winner’s circle. Apply today by submitting your resume to to learn what opportunities are available.