An Exciting Travel Perk to Show Appreciation

There’s excitement brewing in the BL Legacy office as we look forward to an October R&R trip to Cancun. This is going to be a retreat to remember, with plenty of networking, relaxing, and reflecting on this year’s biggest wins. Our top performers will come back from Mexico more inspired than ever to close out 2019 with a bang.

Team travel is always rewarding, both for what we can learn from other high achievers and how much closer we grow with our BL Legacy colleagues. We love adding new names to our networks, but bringing fresh insights on the business back to our office might be even more valuable. Our outreach campaigns benefit from the best practices we discuss on the road. The same is true for our teamwork, because we know even more about our coworkers’ talents and positive traits.

Eileen, our firm’s President, explained that travel rewards reflect the culture of gratitude within our company. She added that not every expression of thanks needs to be a major getaway, though. We have regular check-ins around our office during which we’re told how much our efforts mean to the firm’s overall success. In short, we never have to worry about our hard work going unnoticed.

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