BL Legacy: A Direct Approach for
Long-Term Success

It’s All About the Team at BL Legacy

It’s hard to make a splash online when you can’t see the impact.

Metrics mean everything when strategizing how to convert more customers. Digital marketing just doesn’t garner the same level of response you can get from a face-to-face encounter with a likely buyer. That’s why you want a team led by pros with years of experience in the technology sector.

What gives BL Legacy an edge over any online advertising is our people. We have the insights to predict trends and respond instantly to customer needs. Behind our direct marketing success is our dual focus on the goals of the vendors we serve and the growth of our energetic associates. Our people embody our company’s innovative, forward-thinking culture. We’re always on the lookout for the next big opportunity – both internally and externally.

Our Results Reflect Our Determination And Integrity

Shatter Sales Records

With BL Legacy, your company will be a frontrunner in no time, thanks to a team that’s known for breaking marketing records. We invest in our people’s professional development so they can achieve success for your firm.

Exceptional Knowledge Transfer

We’ve created an environment in which our people can customize their training in order to reach their potential. Each one starts at the entry level and works toward mastering various aspects of industry expertise through our progressive learning program. By helping everyone discover how to lead, we ensure our partners are positioned for lasting growth.

Locally Grown Members of the Community

At BL Legacy, we don’t just see ourselves as a customer acquisition agency. We’re part of a broader community and so we proudly do our part to support local and regional causes that make our area a better place to live for everyone. From food drives to supporting youth programs and other organizations, our team loves working together to give back to our neighbors in any way we can.

Tech-Savvy Experts

BL Legacy’s associates are trained extensively on leading internet, fiber optics, and telecom technologies. Our collective knowhow is why we’ve earned a solid reputation as a trusted partner for some of the nation’s biggest telecom service providers.

Our BL Legacy portfolio includes companies of all sizes, from smaller start-ups to global giants. We easily scale our approach to support any business or industry need.

Our people are on a fast track for lasting career
growth. Learn what we offer.